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Legalities and Legislation for Veterans and Security.


At Patriot Watch Party we help the veterans get the rights they deserve. Our team is dedicated to providing justice to the veterans who have served the country for years.

In Person Assistance
In Person Assistance
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We ensure that the veterans are provided with proper care and support.

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Our team is committed to developing leadership skills for the common good of the veterans.


We also conduct several workshops regarding the rights which are withheld from the veterans are conducted.


We have eminent speakers from all over the world who speak at the workshops that are conducted.


The veterans from patriot watch party have years and years of experience in serving the country. There are several people who have served in the armed forces and are war veterans. Our party is filled with people who gave up their lives for our country.

Kyla Glover, Women Veteran


Veterans law and Disability Benefits Clinic

Veterans law and Disability Benefits Clinic

The VA(Department of Veteran Affairs) is the authority that  judges cases of veterans and passes its judgment on whether veterans are eligible for the benefits legally claimable for them.

A veteran is any retired officer of the United States Military, who as has served under active duty of the country been on deployments. Veterans who are discharged under “general” and “under honourable conditions” are also eligible as veterans.

Then there are those veterans who are “dishonourably” discharged from the military who don’t technically classify as veterans. Who are not legally applicable for the health benefits provided by the VA.

Since the Second World War, veterans other than those dishonourably discharged are to be legally applicable to the services provided by to its all members.

It has also been noted that, other veterans who suffered less than dishonourable discharges like mental illness other less severe misconducts still find it difficult to gain access to the benefits.


It has been found that the VA has adopted a hostile like approach to the less severe misconduct and other minor disciplinary affected veterans.  The VA has wrongfully implemented the Congresses statutory standard and has failed to provide service benefits to those affected by even less charges than dishonourably discharged.

A proposal has been made to the VA that instead of hostile approach to its own war heroes who are suffering now, that it adopts an holistic approach where it genuinely considers each case and determines whether the veteran is eligible to the service benefits. A small change in the review  eligibility policy  where eligibility is first positively presumed rather than ineligibility and considers factors mitigating for eligibility for service and health benefits to it service members will bring about a change for the better.




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Explore VA: Benefits for Veterans & Their Families

Explore VA: Benefits for Veterans & Their Families

While Veteran Affairs aid the veterans, some veterans are homeless in America. Those veterans on the streets have not received the benefits that they have earned, or some might not know that they are eligible to receive benefits.

There seems to be no understanding about being eligible to receive benefits and entitlement to receive benefits. If the military dishonourably gives you discharge, you do not hold the right to receive any benefits. That is why like most of those that sell life insurance they would say thing s like, “These are the benefits you might get…”.

You have been chosen, or you volunteered to become a war hero. Trips to Afghanistan and other countries where you are needed to help keep the peace. The question remains, did you fill out the paperwork to get service connected? Most will say that filling out life insurance is one of the most important things to do. Many soldiers come back to their homes experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder, have disabilities. Some so devastating that they must wear a prosthesis on their leg or arm or end up in a wheelchair.


Veteran Affairs is wide-reaching. It strives not only to help the disabled veteran, but also his family and children. Everyone affected by their traumatic experience. When disabilities are so far reaching that you cannot drive a car anymore or you cannot provide an income for your family, it is good to know that your government has your back and are willing to help provide where you cannot. The disability funds are well earned. The veterans were willing to sacrifice their lives for their governments, and they deserve every bit of benefit that could come their way.

If your disability is not as devastating and you can start working Veteran Affairs gives training so that you can go back to work. There are government officials trained to educate the veterans about what is available to them. There is no reason for them why they cannot know what is available to them, and it does not matter where they move. Veterans should talk to one another. Lack of awareness is a crucial element why they have not received any compensation. There is a reintegration program to help them. The only thing that they need to do is call the county veterans services offices.

Compensation includes pension, educational benefits, life insurance, medical benefits, home loans, veterans state benefits, burial benefits and a discharge upgrade.

Special Veteran Affairs hospitals exist with excellent medical resources and treatments available to the veterans. Those not living in America with our eyes fastened to social media cannot but cry with them when they return home to their families. We will remember that you have earned every single benefit available to you. Now go the distance, ask for help.

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