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Legalities and Legislation for Veterans and Security.


At Patriot Watch Party we help the veterans get the rights they deserve. Our team is dedicated to providing justice to the veterans who have served the country for years.

In Person Assistance
In Person Assistance
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Phone Consultations.


We ensure that the veterans are provided with proper care and support.

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Our team is committed to developing leadership skills for the common good of the veterans.


We also conduct several workshops regarding the rights which are withheld from the veterans are conducted.


We have eminent speakers from all over the world who speak at the workshops that are conducted.


The veterans from patriot watch party have years and years of experience in serving the country. There are several people who have served in the armed forces and are war veterans. Our party is filled with people who gave up their lives for our country.

Kyla Glover, Women Veteran


Critical Reasons for Hiring an Attorney for Your Real Estate

Critical Reasons for Hiring an Attorney for Your Real Estate

Professional contract review

Often when dealing in real estate contracts and purchase without necessary knowledge of legal terms and jargon can lead to many future disasters, as eager sellers force the buyers to sign without proper knowledge and explanation of terms. In such situations where the buyer is weak can seek the professional services of a real estate attorney. Real estate attorneys are trained and qualified in this section of their profession making them a good consultant while making large purchases. Collaborating with real estate attorneys who have deep knowledge in estate law are quite beneficial as they explain every complex legal term, identify any loopholes and inform you of any unwanted clauses that could be harmful to you in the future.

Addressing complex contracts

Generally, dealing and formulating contracts between large corporate entities such as joint firms, partnership, trusts, and cooperation are more complex in nature. Adding on the previous point, lacking adequate legal knowledge about such complex negotiations and contracts can be negatively detrimental for you. In certain situations, availing the services of trained and qualified real estate attorneys are a good idea as they will be able to scan through such complex contracts with ease due to prior experience and confirming it is valid while respecting fair agreement and negotiations written down in the contract.


Title search and addressing liens

Post signing of the purchase agreement, the title search by law is mandatorily required to inform you along with the financial institution that issued your mortgage that the seller of the property possesses the legal right to sell their property to you. Such vital information is accompanied by the lack of any liens, clauses, and judgments that could obstruct the sale and transaction. In cases where certain judgments occur, the seller with the help of a real estate attorney can redress such issues and provide various other options to determine from without changing the nature of the transaction.


Proper closing

Consulting with a real estate attorney is an excellent idea when negotiating and making such significant contracts. They not only help you with evaluating contracts for validity but play a crucial role in formulating the necessary closing papers, deeds, preparation of statements listing transaction details between you and the purchaser, guide on how to pay the remaining amount and providing title to the property from the seller to you.


Protects your rights

In addition to the various legal duties performed by the real estate attorney, they not only ensure the contract is favorable for you but play the important responsibility of protecting your rights from being taken advantage of. You may lack knowledge or not be aware of the various imperative rights you possess, thus making and consulting the services of a real estate attorney all the more essential.


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How to become an attorney?

How to become an attorney?

As an attorney it is your duty to defend your client in the court of law, or sometimes you can offer some legal advice pertaining to the personal and business affairs, It is the job role of an attorney to research on the law and taking the right judicial decisions that you can use in order to help your client. Here are a few things that you need to know in order to become an attorney and practice the law to the best of your abilities and that you will be able to finish the studies without any confusion and will be able to practice law in the most effective manner.

Here are a few things that you need to know in order to become a proper practitioner of the law.

Complete a Bachelor’s degree.

This is the most essential things that one has to do in order to head in the direction of practicing law this there is no particular major or a course that you will have to finish in order to get into a law school but make sure whatever the bachelor program may be it covers the subjects that will help you develop your skills in writing, reading, public addressing, logic, and research all of these characters will be of great help when you get into the school of law, one thing that is found common among many law schools is that they take in candidates who have taken courses that are a challenge intellectually .

Start by taking law school test.

This is one of the most important test that you will have to take and also make sure that the score that you get in this is good as you will have to submit the score along with your law school application form this test is conducted by the law school admission council(LSAC) to all the those who want to study law in this test it will access the reading, comprehension, reasoning and critical thinking skills of a person .

Earn the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree.

After you have gotten into the school of law which will last for 3 years, make sure that you complete this degree and also make sure that you select the elective course that will be of use to you, and it will come of some help to you as you practice the law.

Participate in a Clerkship.

This is also a very good thing that you can do in order that you will be able to get a job in the earlier place of work so that you would not have to worry about a job as soon as you complete a masters degree.

Passing the BAR examination.

This is the final step before practicing law in the country, if you want to practices law you need a license , the bar examination gets you the license, however, if you are considering to practice law in other states as well you will have to clear the bar examination for the states you want to practice the law in. to know more about this go to best dui attorney fresno for more information on this.

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Veterans law and Disability Benefits Clinic

Veterans law and Disability Benefits Clinic

The VA(Department of Veteran Affairs) is the authority that  judges cases of veterans and passes its judgment on whether veterans are eligible for the benefits legally claimable for them.

A veteran is any retired officer of the United States Military, who as has served under active duty of the country been on deployments. Veterans who are discharged under “general” and “under honourable conditions” are also eligible as veterans.

Then there are those veterans who are “dishonourably” discharged from the military who don’t technically classify as veterans. Who are not legally applicable for the health benefits provided by the VA.

Since the Second World War, veterans other than those dishonourably discharged are to be legally applicable to the services provided by to its all members.

It has also been noted that, other veterans who suffered less than dishonourable discharges like mental illness other less severe misconducts still find it difficult to gain access to the benefits.


It has been found that the VA has adopted a hostile like approach to the less severe misconduct and other minor disciplinary affected veterans.  The VA has wrongfully implemented the Congresses statutory standard and has failed to provide service benefits to those affected by even less charges than dishonourably discharged.

A proposal has been made to the VA that instead of hostile approach to its own war heroes who are suffering now, that it adopts an holistic approach where it genuinely considers each case and determines whether the veteran is eligible to the service benefits. A small change in the review  eligibility policy  where eligibility is first positively presumed rather than ineligibility and considers factors mitigating for eligibility for service and health benefits to it service members will bring about a change for the better.




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Explore VA: Benefits for Veterans & Their Families

Explore VA: Benefits for Veterans & Their Families

While Veteran Affairs aid the veterans, some veterans are homeless in America. Those veterans on the streets have not received the benefits that they have earned, or some might not know that they are eligible to receive benefits.

There seems to be no understanding about being eligible to receive benefits and entitlement to receive benefits. If the military dishonourably gives you discharge, you do not hold the right to receive any benefits. That is why like most of those that sell life insurance they would say thing s like, “These are the benefits you might get…”.

You have been chosen, or you volunteered to become a war hero. Trips to Afghanistan and other countries where you are needed to help keep the peace. The question remains, did you fill out the paperwork to get service connected? Most will say that filling out life insurance is one of the most important things to do. Many soldiers come back to their homes experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder, have disabilities. Some so devastating that they must wear a prosthesis on their leg or arm or end up in a wheelchair.


Veteran Affairs is wide-reaching. It strives not only to help the disabled veteran, but also his family and children. Everyone affected by their traumatic experience. When disabilities are so far reaching that you cannot drive a car anymore or you cannot provide an income for your family, it is good to know that your government has your back and are willing to help provide where you cannot. The disability funds are well earned. The veterans were willing to sacrifice their lives for their governments, and they deserve every bit of benefit that could come their way.

If your disability is not as devastating and you can start working Veteran Affairs gives training so that you can go back to work. There are government officials trained to educate the veterans about what is available to them. There is no reason for them why they cannot know what is available to them, and it does not matter where they move. Veterans should talk to one another. Lack of awareness is a crucial element why they have not received any compensation. There is a reintegration program to help them. The only thing that they need to do is call the county veterans services offices.

Compensation includes pension, educational benefits, life insurance, medical benefits, home loans, veterans state benefits, burial benefits and a discharge upgrade.

Special Veteran Affairs hospitals exist with excellent medical resources and treatments available to the veterans. Those not living in America with our eyes fastened to social media cannot but cry with them when they return home to their families. We will remember that you have earned every single benefit available to you. Now go the distance, ask for help.

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